The GodMOTHER of drum & bass?

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You know, the more you delve in to the history of different electronic genres, the more suprises you’re likely to find. I love it!

As with most things, electronic music genres are dominated by male artists. I can think of only 4 female’s right off the top of my head, and only 1 of those is probably known throughout the majority of dance music circles (excluding hip hop, rap etc, not that I’d class those as dance).

But I would just like to make special mention here of one. One that has had much more of an impact on electronic music (particularly jungle, drum’n’bass, breaks) than most realise.

The thing with DJs is that they can be hard to keep track of. Particularly in jungle and drum’n’bass, few DJs use their real names. And if they happen to partner up with someone else or enter a new genre, they’ll use a new name (check out the AKA’s for Roni Size and Dillinja, for example).

ANYWAY! The person I want to mention is none other than DJ Rap (aka. Charissa Saverio). If I could be anyone, this is who I’d pick.DJ Rap
Not only is she beautiful (so much so she was approached by CK), but she’s also a fantastic muso, is quite intelligent (almost became a lawyer) AND can sing!

Under her own name (well, the DJ Rap name) she’s produced lots of fantastic music. But under OTHER names, she has produced some tunes that have come to represent a genre and an era.

Anyone who’s had any contact with jungle or oldskool will recognise the tune ‘Spiritual Aura’ (if the name doesn’t ring a bell, the tune certainly will). Remember ‘Tibetan Jungle’? ‘Digable Bass’?

All of these songs are seminal works within their genre, all produced under DJ Rap or the artist name of Engineers Without Fears, of which DJ Rap was half of.

Who was the other half? Well, it was another top talent in their field, Aston Harvey (half of what is otherwise known as The Freestylers).

So next time you’re listening to a track, and something about it reminds you of some other artist, take a squiz at who actually wrote it, and you might just discover yet another alter ego for your hero.

Track Details: Engineers without Fears – Spiritual Aura

If you like that, have a listen to: DJ Rap – Tibetan Jungle
Also try: DJ Rap – Good to be Alive

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De Ragga Meester!

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Today I was listening to an old(ish) favourite by Aquasky and the Master Blasters. I’ve listened to this song tonnes in the past, but today I realised something. I know ragga (and reggae) are Jamaican sounding. But it’s always reminded me of something else. Or more accurately, someONE else… Who else do we all know that has a bouncey bouncey way of “talking”? A bamdamareggyfloombydoomby?

The Swedish Chef

That’s right! The original Ragga Meester himself: The Swedish Chef!

Track Details: Aquasky vs Master Blaster – Loko (feat. The Ragga Twins)

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What makes a Junglist Mun…

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Dragged out ‘Even Angels Cast Shadows’ (Omni Trio) this evening. Wow, did that bring back memories. So beautiful. I used to listen to this sort of stuff lying in bed after a rave, pleading with my ears to stop ringing (doesn’t silence scare you?). It was like being grooved to sleep. It didn’t sway you from side to side, it just kind of ‘flowed’ you around.

Anyway, I have a question. How would you describe a jungle rhythm? It’s the sort of beat you need only hear a couple of seconds of and you’ve got it picked.

It’s kind of a busy rhythm, without being jarring. Kind of focuses more on the high-ends usually, and the tune is built around it. The tune’s the pretty skin of the body rhythm (in my opinion). It’s kind of a broken beat (the grandpa of many other styles). If anyone can think of a way to define it (to someone who has no musical knowledge), that’d be awesome.

Junglist Movement

Anyway, listening to Omni Trio also reminded me of when I used to fiddle with an old synthesizer. You’d pick the rhythm (usually samba or tango or something like that), then the tune would work around which ever note you played. I remember wanting to show everyone each new song I’d “written”, just by playing a new combination of notes with one of the different preset rhythms.

Aaaah, those were the days. All I needed was some sampled blues-ey female vocals and I would’ve had a hit album down in less than an hour! Well… a top 10 on the ‘Kate’s Family Charts’ anyway…

Track Details: Omni Trio – First Contact

If you like that, try: Omni Trio –  Artificial Life

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