Generation-X sounds for Generation-Y-ers

Posted on 29 March, 2007. Filed under: beats, Dance music, DJ, Electronic Music, Music, remix |

Some musical traditionalists see the ‘remix’ as an abomination.

“Why corrupt and defile a perfectly good song with all those bleeps and rumbles!”

“Why allow the integrity of a song created by people with pure talent (using nothing more than an acoustic instrument and a brain) be destroyed by a tone-deaf, computer-using heathen?!?!”

Well, to me the ‘remix’ is just a different interpretation of a song. An interpretation that highlights the best parts of a song or improves upon its general production.

Take Devo‘s Whip It, for example. (do-do-do-do-do crack that whip! do-do-do-do-do)

It’s a corny-tuned, weird-themed little ditty with synth work straight out of the 80s. Not really a song I enjoy listening to, unless I have something else distracting me at the time.

However, deepen the bass line, bring the guitar-ey tune to the fore, reverberate some of the vocals (while still maintaining the original vocal track) and you’ve got a song I’d put on repeat! Steir and Sakurai have created a version of this song that takes advantage of the broader frequency ranges we can experience on modern sound systems. And the addition of a couple of sounds really appeals to my need-more-info-in-smaller-packages brain. It’s Generation-X sounds for the Generation Y-ers!

Give it a listen. You’ll see what I mean when the bass really kicks in at 28secs. LOOOVE IT!

Track Details: Devo – Whip It (Steir & Sakurai rmx)

If you like that, try: America – Ventura Highway (Deepsky’s Blizzard in LA rmx)


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2 Responses to “Generation-X sounds for Generation-Y-ers”

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I guess the same people who don’t enjoy remixes don’t really enjoy cover songs either. For me, if it’s interesting and gives a new interperation to the song, then it’s welcome.

Yes! That’s right.
And I agree. Each to their own.

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