Killa Kella – Beatboxing Bruvva

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Being able to sing is a pretty impressive talent. Out of all the people you know, how many can actually sing on key? Maybe half, or 3 in 5… max.

How many people you know can keep a steady rhythm? Hit the symbol or block at the right time, each time? Someone’s always speeding up, slowing down or getting just off tempo.

Imagine being able to do one of those really well. Sing like you’ve had training, play the drums like you have an inbuilt metronome.

Now imagine being able to do BOTH of those really well and AT THE SAME TIME. “She’s talkin’ crazy talk!”

Well, I’m gonna go really loco here…
What about doing BOTH of those things, at the SAME time, with NOTHING but your voice and a microphone.

Beatboxing is one of the most amazing skills I have ever come across. And seeing someone do it right in front of you is even more impressive. I was lucky enough to see Killa Kella when he came to Perth a few months ago and he totally knocked my socks off. My lower jaw has never hung so close to the ground.

Some of my fave beatboxing tunes are:
Killa Kella – Check One
Rahzel – If Your Mother Only Knew
Roni Size – In Tune With The Sound (feat. Rahzel)


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